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  • Sharon Pierce McCullough & Michael A. McCullough Exhibit

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    Michael A McCullough is an artist from Gettysburg,
    PA who has worked in various mediums throughout
    his career, including furniture making, photography,
    printmaking, and painting. His primary focus is now
    on abstract painting using acrylic paint on canvas
    or linen in an intuitive, abstract expressionist style.
    McCullough’s work is based on the interactions and
    connections he has with the world, as he sees it as
    remnants of fleeting glimpses of past interactions
    or remembrances. His work has been displayed in
    numerous museum and gallery exhibitions and is
    included in national and international collections.
    McCullough currently resides with his wife Sharon
    Pierce McCullough, a sculptor and painter, in the
    foothills of Pennsylvania.


    Sharon Pierce McCullough is a visual artist from
    Cashtown PA who works as a painter and sculptor.
    She is an ecologically conscious artist who
    experiments with recycled and natural materials.
    Works vary to include geometric, minimal and
    figurative abstracts. Sculptures range from
    representational to conceptual. Her works come
    from an experimental spirit that explores the
    possibilities of colors, shapes & textures.
    McCullough’s paintings are created using acrylics,
    enamels & house paints, while her sculptures use
    various materials such as plaster, found objects,
    cement & textiles. McCullough has received
    numerous awards & her artwork has been exhibited
    in numerous museums and galleries and is held in
    national and international collections.

    228 North Market Street

    Contact for more details.

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